X-ray images inspection

X-ray inspection allows detecting of PCB defects beyond the reach of optical methods in visible light. There are no flickers and shadows of side illumination in x-ray images, so comparison is more robust: most defects are perceptible and false alarms are seldom.

Phiplastic can work with any x-ray vision machine that exports images in common formats, for example Yxlon MU-21. Flexibility and low price allows using Phiplastic as an advanced roentgenogram comparison tool with automated defects detection. Phiplastic's universal optical calibration enables precise measurements in x-ray images.

Roentgenograms inspection works in color images comparison mode (Match solution). Object and model are the compared images.


Alignment of object and model images is automated. Switching between the aligned images makes large defects evident. In difference layer both images are visible and defects are emphasized.

Switching between object and model
Difference layer

Phiplastic Gold automates the inspection further. It generates a list of differences and allows to view them one by one starting from the largest. For the operator it remains only to decide whether the differences are acceptable or not. Image comparison algorithms automatically eliminate small shifts of components, so laborious work and human factor are minimized.

Detected defects

Universality and accessibility of Match + Gold set makes it an excellent supplement to an x-ray vision machine, broadens it's range of applications, improves products quality and productivity.

See also: other stages of PCB assembly, which use Phiplastic systems.