Phiplastic Vector

To produce a PCB the vectorial drawings are required. If they are lost, Phiplastic Vector allows restoring them by the set of photomasks, or by the board itself. With vectoring you cannot just make a copy of a PCB, but also modify its topology. Vector includes the following features:

  • creation of wires and holes layers based on their images;
  • automated wires vectoring with lines and pads;
  • automated topology vectoring with polygons (in conjunction with Gold);
  • high degree of automation for typical routine activities;
  • intuitive and powerful tools, comparable to a CAM-system;
  • exporting data to Gerber format;
  • read more.
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Automated optimization of pads

The successful application of the system does not require deep knowledge. High-quality documentation is provided, allowing new user almost immediately get to work.

Our Inspection and Gold products automate comparison of the initial image and the vectoring results that makes it possible to verify their equivalence.

Vector deals with black and white images. For vectoring of color objects Color solution is required.

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