Through Holes Technology

At this stage Phiplastic operates on a comparison of color images, i.e. standard is a finished PCB. Unlike SM technology, TH technology is less stable in components position. However, due to special algorithms and well-designed interfaces Phiplastic Match may greatly simplify the inspectors work.


Initially, the difference of object and model is not evident. But after they are overlapped, it is easy to notice the defect, even when simply switching layers.

Switching between object and model

Phiplastic Match provides the user with special layers that facilitate the analysis of the differences between the inspected images.

Difference layer
Conflicts layer

Phiplastic Gold adds another level of automation: instead of viewing images the user deals with the list of differences which are filled in automatically. Browsing of the difference list, from large ones to small ones, is built on the same principles as navigation in defects list of the bare board inspection system. Highly ergonomic user interface allows inspecting large PCB volumes.

Due to its low cost, easy setup and intuitive operation principles, the Match + Gold combination is an ideal solution for entry-level THT-components inspection.

See also: other stages of PCB assembly, which use Phiplastic systems.