Surface Mount Technology

The surface mount optical inspection system is an important element of the assembly process, aiming for a stable high quality product. Placement defects of SMT components can occur both before reflow and after it. Phiplastic automates detection of both placement errors and defects of reflow. An important advantage of Phiplastic system is a low cost.

Images of the boards with the elements are obtained with digital cameras, and specialized devices. Phiplastic inspects components by comparison of color images (Match). A color PCB image is an inspected object. Model - is a color image of defect-free board, prepared earlier.


The object and the model are automatically coincided, and then even simple switching of layers makes many defects visible. In addition to original images, the system generates special layers to facilitate the visual and automated analysis of differences.

Switching between object and model
Difference layer

Phiplastic Gold automatically makes a list of differences and sorts them by size. Working with differences list is based on the same principles as the navigation of defects list in the bare board inspection system. High ergonomic user interface allows inspecting large PCB volumes.

Defect 1
Defect 2

Low cost, simple setup and intuitive principles make the Match + Gold combination an ideal solution for entry-level inspection system for SMT components placement.

See also: other stages of PCB assembly, which use Phiplastic systems.