Incoming Inspection of PCB

The absence of defects in PCB is a prerequisite for the assembly of high-quality electronics. Optical inspection of incoming boards ensures consistent PCB quality and minimizes losses, especially when expensive components are used.

Phiplastic can solve the incoming inspection task in one of two ways:

  • using of inspection system for bare boards (Inspection, Gold, Color);
  • using of inspecting system for boards with elements (Match).
Comparison of board with black and white standard
Comparison of board with another board

The right choice depends on the required accuracy, performance, cost and flexibility of the system. The first option is for maximum accuracy. The second option is faster and cheaper. Match flexibility is higher, because the same unit can be used at any stage of assembly process, and bare boards inspection system can be used only at incoming inspection and solder paste. But the most effective (and low-priced) pack is a combination of Match, Gold and Color.

See also: other stages of PCB assembly, which use Phiplastic systems.