Phiplastic Match

Phiplastic Match - is the system for comparing color images. It is used for PCB optical quality inspection and in other fields. Match includes the following features:

  • creating standard for color image of the product;
  • automated alignment of sample and standard;
  • facilitate visual comparison of sample and standard.
Difference layer
Conflicts layer

The combination of Match and Gold allows automatically detecting:

  • differences in sample and standard (in color);
  • differences in image and solder paste vector standard (in black and white).

The differences are presented to the user as a list, after which he can approve or reject them individually. When viewing completed, the system allows saving the comparison results in one of the following forms:

  • session - suitable for later viewing in Pictor;
  • report - suitable for printing;
  • list of defects - easy to exchange data with external systems, such as statistical process control system.

Phiplastic Match deals with the color images directly, so the Color solution is not required for it. However, when inspecting solder paste, Color can be used to improve image quality.

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