Inspection at Intermediate PCB Stages

Early detection of defects increases the efficiency of PCB production and reduces overhead costs. For many of the intermediate PCB stages optical inspection is a major, or even the only possible method of quality improvement. Phiplastic systems work at the following stages:

  • drilling of metallized holes;
  • development of photoresist;
  • etching;
  • cleaning;
  • applying of different coatings;
  • other color-contrasting stages.

Exceptional flexibility of the color setup is provided by the Color component and allows using Phiplastic systems at virtually any stage of the PCB process. The only necessary condition - metallization and substrate must differ in color. Some combinations of materials do not provide the required color contrast. In such cases it is possible to use specialized devices, or to scan items in transmissive lighting. Non-continuous metallization of the reverse side is usually not a problem and can be filtered out during pre-processing without sacrificing quality. Color solution includes special algorithms to perform this operation.

In typical cases color setup is performed for each batch. Thanks to convenient and intuitive interface, it takes less than a minute.

Unacceptably small width of the wire
Unacceptably large width of the wire

For detection of PCB wiring defects Inspection and/or Gold solutions are used. Comparison with standard can identify all visible errors.

See also: other stages in the PCB production, where Phiplastic systems are used.