Phiplastic Inspection

Phiplastic Inspection - is the automated optical inspection system for PCB quality (AOI). It allows to compare the topology with the standard and to identify defects in printed boards at different production stages. Inspection includes the following features:

  • standard import from a CAD/CAM-system;
  • tolerance setup;
  • automated alignment of sample and standard;
  • automated detection of topology defects;
  • automated classification of defects to facilitate boards rejection;
  • defect reports.
Break of the wire
Wire width defect

Defects of the following types are detected:

  • break;
  • short;
  • convexity;
  • puncture;
  • other topology defects;
  • width and clearance tolerance violation;
  • extra or missing metallization.

Flexible tolerance setup allows inspecting boards in accordance with well-known standards:

  • individual tolerances on the increase and decrease of wire width;
  • absolute tolerances in millimeters;
  • tolerances based on the standard value, in millimeters or percent;
  • different tolerances for different standard values (for example, separately for thick and thin wires);
  • exclusion of arbitrary areas from inspection.

Inspection deals with black and white images. Color is required for color images inspection.

Phiplastic Inspection uses vector CAD data as a standard. To use "golden board" Gold solution is required.

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