Phiplastic Gold

Phiplastic Gold - is a system for comparing black and white images. It is used for visual inspection of PCB and in other fields. Gold includes the following features:

  • creation of standard by a black and white image of the product;
  • import of standard from a CAD/CAM-system;
  • automated alignment of sample and standard;
  • automated detection of differences in sample and standard;
  • automated classification of differences to facilitate boards rejection;
  • difference reports;
  • vectoring of images using polygons.
Wire width defect

Gold is very versatile. It can be used as follows:

  • As an independent PCB inspection system. In contrast to Inspection, the differences in sample and standard are classified by size, rather than by type of defects. Further analysis and decision-making rests with the user, which is only suitable for small production volumes.
  • As a part of the PCB inspection system based on the Inspection solution - to create standards by finished products.
  • As a part of the components placement inspection system - to minimize the human factor when analyzing the results.
  • As a part of the solder paste inspection system - for automated filling of the defects tree with paste defects, so the user does not miss.
  • As a part of the vectoring system - for automated polygons vectoring and to compare the vectoring results with the original image.
  • As an independent system of comparing black and white images, such as documents, or drawings.

Gold deals with black and white images. To inspect color objects Color solution is required.

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