Finished PCB Inspection

Defects on PCB can yield substantial losses to all electronics manufacturing companies. Use of optical inspection systems for testing finished PCB reduces losses and improves quality of the final product. Phiplastic systems automate defect detection on PCB and do not require significant investments.

Finished PCB is usually covered with a protective mask. Depending on the optical characteristics of the finishes, the inner layers and the silk layer, the best mode of verification can be inspection in reflective or transmissive light. These parameters also determine the optimal method for images comparison. Phiplastic can use the following methods:

  • full inspection of wires and holes (Inspection);
  • comparison of black and white images of wires and holes (Gold);
  • comparison of color PCB images (Match).

Comparison standard can be created by:

  • vector data from a CAD/CAM-system;
  • a photomask;
  • a PCB.
Puncture of the wire
Break of the wire

Inspection of finished products often requires maximum flexibility of settings, so it is recommended to equip it with combination of Inspection, Gold, Match and Color.

See also: other stages in the PCB production, where Phiplastic systems are used.