Comparison of Drawings and Schemes

Modern CAD systems are very complex. Defects in software, user carelessness or lack of knowledge and other instances of human factor can lead to unexpected changes in drawings, that user does not wish to make. This situation is exacerbated when project involves a team of participants or shared libraries are used.

  • Phiplastic allows comparing drawings, and displaying all the differences, including the smallest, conveniently and automatically.
  • Electronic versions of drawings and scanned hard copies can be compared in any combinations.
  • Comparison can be started automatically making verification even easier.
Original drawing
Modified drawing
Layers switching
In the difference layer the matching is shown in a neutral color
The conflicts layer contains a high-contrast image of differences
Phiplastic Gold builds the list of differences, ensuring that the user does not miss anything

File formats are not important, as the comparison is done at images level. You only need to export the drawing, or a fragment as an image, or print it on a virtual printer. With this Phiplastic allows comparing drawings of all types: engineering, schematic diagrams of electronic devices, as well as arbitrary documents.

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