Inspection of IC Intermediate Photomasks

In photolithography process Phiplastic can be used to inspect standards for projection printing on silicon at different scales.

  • High resolution of modern scanners allows obtaining topology images in acceptable quality.
  • Phiplastic geometric calibration for the user scanner provides a highly accurate alignment of the scanned photomask and vectorial standard imported from a CAD/CAM-system.

Compliance of the standard topology with the actual one can be clearly seen in the superposing layer. The figure below shows the process of automated measurements of the space width. Averaging of hundreds of elementary measurements gives high accuracy and does not require any effort. Precise measurement of large distances, such as dimensions of the product is also possible.

The superposing layer, space measurement

Gold - is the minimum system for inspection of intermediate photomasks. Inspection solution will reduce the complexity and the human factor.

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