Phiplastic Center

Phiplastic Center is a document management system for inspection reports for PCB and other articles. Inspection and rework results are linked to a bar-code or other unique identifier. It makes it possible to track each article during the whole lifecycle.

Phiplastic Center arranges the collaboration of inspectors and repairers in an effective production line:

  • Any number of users and computers;
  • Inspection and rework results are stored in a central database;
  • Inspector can pass a product to rework (additional check);
  • It's possible to select individual defects and hide all irrelevant information from the repairman;
  • Repairman ticks off his work when done;
  • All user actions are recorded;
  • Integration with all Phiplastic inspection systems is possible including free Pictor;
  • Only free components are required on repairman workstations;
Start of repair
Defect to repair

Phiplastic Center stores the results for a long time. It makes it possible:

  • To find out operations history for a given article (on reclamation);
  • To inspect the work of a specific user;
  • To generalize the waste statistics;

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