Calibration for the Optics

In order to perform accurate image measurements, you need to calibrate the software for a specific optical system. Phiplastic provides two types of geometric calibration:

Calibration for scanner allows compensating all kinds of systematic errors typical for these high-quality devices. Calibration for camera compensates:

  • own distortions of the optical system, such as barrel and pincushion;
  • composition distortions (scale, trapezium, etc.).
Camera calibration capabilities

Scenario is the same for both types of the geometrical calibration:

  • User scans or shoots the calibration target (the camera should be mounted on a tripod);
  • System automatically selects calibration parameters so that the target image coincided with the vectorial standard;
  • Precise alignment of images in the entire area guarantees the accuracy of further measurements taken by the Phiplastic system.

Standards for calibration targets are installed with the software. It allows users to print a target with any available equipment (photo plotter, laser printer, etc. - depending on the requirements for accuracy). Microelectronics producers can use any high-quality photomask of suitable size for scanner calibration.

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